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all things work together for His good

'You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.'

Genesis 50:20

Joseph2 LH.jpg

chalk and charcoal on black Canson 160gsm paper

Joseph is portrayed as a young zebra, full of joy and hope in God. He never despaired even though his circumstances went from bad to worse, instead, he always trusted that God had a plan to use everything for His purpose. 

Have you ever had your dreams and hopes dashed, all your plans go awry? Have you had one of those days - or years - where nothing seems to go according to plan and you start questioning if God has forgotten about you? Joseph found himself in such a position. At age 17, he went from being the favoured son, to being betrayed by his brothers and sold off as a slave in a foreign land. Once in Egypt, despite his integrity and hard work, he was accused of something he didn’t do and wrongfully thrown in prison. He worked hard in prison, but again was forgotten about by those he helped, and stayed there for an additional two years.


Each time his life unexpectedly fell to pieces, Joseph could have wallowed in self pity and despair. Instead he chose to trust in God’s plans for his life instead of his own. God was still with him in his fears in chains, and with him in his loneliness in prison. Even though Joseph had little control of the direction of his life and the events that happened to him, God was in control every step of the way. He placed Joseph exactly where he was meant to be in order to save the entire nation - including his family that betrayed him - from starvation and destruction. 


How do you handle disappointments and setbacks? Do you stay in your anger, frustration and despair when your carefully laden plans are foiled and things go wrong? Or could you lift your eyes up to the one who is infinitely more powerful than all of our circumstances; the one who could use what seems to be something awful for something good?

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