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waiting expectantly on God

'Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him.'

Psalm 37:7

Elijiah LH.jpg

chalk and charcoal on black Canson 160gsm paper

The leopard is a powerful predator who, like Elijah, is an expert in waiting. Half hidden in the shadows, this picture shows him being still before the LORD and listening for God's small, still voice.

Elijah was a VIP - a Very Important Prophet! He spoke boldly and fearlessly on behalf of God against the notoriously evil King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. He pronounced a devastating drought against their kingdom for three years. He also orchestrated a big showdown at Mount Carmel to prove the power of God against the false gods the Israelites were worshipping. Persecuted by his enemies, Elijah also became an expert in waiting and learnt hard lessons in faith, humility, submission and obedience. He witnessed God’s provision and love for His people time and time again; everything from miraculous provisions of food for a starving widow, to raising a boy from the dead, to being fed by ravens in the wilderness for 40 days. 


You may be surprised that such a faithful servant of God who so courageously stood up to oppressors and evil, and who testified to God’s power, could then fall into such fear and despair that he asked God to kill him. Yet God was so patient and gentle with Elijah. He fed and looked after His exhausted and vulnerable servant, then told him to go and wait for the Lord - again. God demonstrated and reminded Elijah of His power through three powerful forces of nature - a powerful wind, a mighty earthquake and a raging fire. But God was not to be heard in these loud and obvious displays. Instead, He could could only be heard in a low whisper that came after.


Are you tired and heavy laden, weighed down by the worries of life? Do you struggle to find joy and hope amidst fear for the future? Jesus said, "come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest" (Matt 11:28). No matter how full of despair we may be from our circumstances, when we come to God with our burdens, He will look after and care for us like He did Elijah. Sometimes it may be difficult to hear His voice amidst the chaos, but we may need to learn to be still in the storm, in the earthquake, and in the fire, so that we can wait expectantly for God’s small, still voice.

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